Welcome to the world of Balgrum!

Balgrum is a world of science, technology, magic, and monsters. The magical industrial revolution has come to the lands of Ilador. Nearly a century has passed since the Treaty at Tias which brought freedom to the lands of Vaserde from the Mad King. In these lands, industry is power and gold is king; the Dukes and Earls of nobility have been replaced by entrepreneurs and businessmen who know how to capitalize off of innovation. While the cities of Vaserde are free from rule, they compete against each other for dominance over the surrounding lands and the materials that lie within them. With the standardization of the Nexxus towers, mass quantities of Azoth is collected and refined to be used in all forms of industry, driven by the newest Rune-Core engines. As innovation and technology march forward, the world shrinks; the lands are now shape by mortals rather than nature and the unknown is besmirched by knowledge. Yet, the world is still rife with mystery and savagery, the Rifts still shape the land, pouring Azoth and monstrosities into this world, the ruins of the Precursor civilization dot the land teeming with untold, unknowable treasurers, and the Entalaca roam the land ever watchful, their drive unknowable.

The Machinations of Balgrum

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