The Machinations of Balgrum

A Death in the Family

The Duke safely behind bars awaiting trial, the group took a well deserved break. However their break was cut short after learning from Robert’s daughter, Claire, that her father might be in danger. The group tracked down the eatery where Robert had said he was meeting some businessmen to discuss expanding his business to other locations in Southern Vaserde, but when the party arrived they discovered that a hostage situation had broken out. The businessmen turned out to be assassins from the Blue Rose in disguise, and had decided to use the other patrons at the eatery as a barrier once they learned the group was on to them. Fortunately, the group was able to deal with the situation, and dispatch the assassins, but despite their best efforts, could not prevent Robert from being poisoned. As his dying wish, he asked the group to accompany him to the southern Nexxus tower, and with their help he made it to the peak of the tower where with his dying breath he converted his body to azoth. After telling Claire the news, the party went to interrogate the Duke, as he was the only living member of the Blue Rose they knew of in Greydawn, however they discovered him dead in his cell, with the murders lying in wait for the party. The group easily defeated these assassins only to discover that it was none other than Jack, who they last saw on the trip to Belsay, where she decided to part with the group under mysterious circumstances. The Party interrogated him for a while until they realized that they hadn’t heard back from the Prison Guards. Leaving the isolation wing of the prison they discovered the guards murdered and more Blue Rose assassins lying in wait, during the confrontation, Jack managed to escape into the city. With Jack gone, Robert and the Duke dead, the party planned their next move with Claire.



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