The Machinations of Balgrum

Beneath The Ocean

After thwarting the plans of corporate sabotage, Robert send the group as envoys to the town of Belsay, which is also the site of a major research facility. During the trip to Belsay, the group was attacked by water elementals, who surprisingly showed an immense amount of cunning and tact, possessing animals and striking just as the group docked at Belsay. Upon arriving, it was revealed that the town has been attack for a while now, but none of the attacks have warranted much of a response until recently. Going though the tunnels beneath Belsay, the group discovers that an agent of the Blue Rose is working with an intelligent water elemental to disrupt the research being done at Belsay. As the group attacks the agent, who they later find out is called The Duke, they discover the Blue rose infestation was more engrained then what was originally thought. The group’s investigation forcing the Blue Rose members to shut down all operations in Belsay and retreat. Taunting from Duke, as well as other information leads the party to follow him back to Duskforge.



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