The Machinations of Balgrum

Onwards to Duskforge

With the Blue rose driven out of Belsay for now, Robert agrees that this Duke character should be prosecuted for his crimes and sends the group to Duskforge. After arriving, the party discovers that Duskforge is in the middle of a political upheaval. Turns out that the Blue Rose operate semi-legally in Duskforge manipulating the nobility with various forms of espionage and wet-works. Furthermore the lower class work the etherium and steel mills in horrid conditions and have finally organized into a resistance movement. It was during their arrival that the group first encountered this resistance as they attacked a Blue Rose front. The group intervened and managed to capture a recruit of the Blue Rose. After learning as much as they could from the recruit, the group decided to infiltrate another front of the Blue Rose, however, things went south and the party ended up being captured. When they came to, they discovered that the Duke had decided to convert them into undead, however before the ritual could be completed the base that they were in was attacked by the resistance. The party managed to fight/ talk their way out and confront Duke, defeating him. With the help of one of the Resistance’s leaders they made their way out of Duskforge and back to Greydawn.



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