Azoth is pure magic condensed into physical form. Raw Azoth has the appearance of an opaque silver liquid, similar to quicksilver, that shimmers red and yellow.


It was first discovered when certain magical items, whose enchantments were imperfect, lost potency over time and were often found covered in strange crystalline structures. Additionally, miners would sometimes come across veins of strange minerals that would react violently with enchanted equipment. Through a time consuming purification process raw Azoth could be collected from ores and items and used in various magical studies. While liquid Azoth is the most pure form, it quickly crystallizes into flaky powder when exposed to the elements, and is stabilized in an alchemical concoction.

In the current era, Azoth functions as the cornerstone for the modern industrial age. Mass produced by Nexxus towers, Azoth has largely supplanted other, more specialized ritual components, especially in item enchantemt. Some search for ores in the earth near rifts, as the energy produced by the rifts charge the land itself. Azoth also can be ingested to enhance magical and mental potency, but too large of a dose causes the mind to addle and the blood to thicken, leading to many a scholar to ruin.


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