Deities in Balgrum have never truly seen, though their manifestations may appear to those devout enough to follow their tenets. The problem therewith is that their tenets are taught by those who consider themselves pious, and may not always coincide with the exact wishes of the diety. Many of Balgrum’s deities come from adjacent planes and have small pockets of worshipers dotting the land. Kore is the most popular deity, closely followed by Maruvi and Wiltiln, and their chapels can be found in almost every town in the plane.

Nature Gods of the Feywild:


Chaotic Neutral
Sheelah is the Feywild’s goddess of discretion. Sheelah prefers finding the solace of secret places in the realms she paces rather than flaunt herself before other mortal and immortal beings. Groups of devout followers will often part from their normal routine to spend a day of meditation in a secluded sanctuary or hidden glade. She is the most beloved deity in the Feywild, though there are plenty of Fey cults who say she keeps herself hidden to avoid lashing out at those around her during random bouts of anger that purportedly cause violent weather conditions. Sheelah has been said to appear as a tall, fair, slender, green-haired woman with a light gown reaching down to her bare feet.
-Inner reflection is the path towards inner peace
-Thoughts move faster than words: action is better than discussion.
-Embrace the change within yourself and your world for change is the only thing unchanging.

Domains: Weather, Madness, Plant
Classes commonly associated: Rogue, Druid, Sorcerer


Coratis is the Feywild’s second most popular deity. He is a friend of all creatures and treats them as his children. He believes that peace can be held without war or suffering and thus the ideals of his followers often differ greatly from those ofKore and Maruvi. Coratis is said to be the doctor of Sheelah – constantly trying to cure her madness. It is Coratis to whom the children of the Feywild pray during thunderstorms and other frightening weather.
-Any beast can be tamed without bloodshed
-Any men can unite given time
-Any sickness is cured given patience
-And one should forgive others’ crimes

Domains: Animal, Charm, Healing
Classes commonly associated: Druid, Ranger, Bard, Cleric


See Phantom. The fey think of Spoks as an abnormally short humanoid with a pipe who dances and sings to guide the souls of the dead on to the afterlife.
-Do not work too hard, it won’t save you from the inevitable, but value those around you for sharing the burden of your life.
-Be full of mirth!

Gods of the Powerful Balgrum


Lawful Neutral
The Great Destructor has roamed the mortal realm since the days of the Ancient War, it’s said. Kore feeds off the lives of those who die gloriously in battle, yet encourages the building oflarge Governments. He has much favour with everyone who seeks battle, except for females. According to those who teach his word, his second tenet clearly indicates that only a glorious, male death can bring Kore’s satisfaction and blessing. Therefore he has a lot of competition with Maruvi over worshippers and the Glory domain. Nevertheless his followers are many, devout, powerful, and often leaders in government. Kore appears as a relatively short but burly man in plate armor and a helmet that disguises his face. He carries a tower shield on his back and a small battleax in each hand.
-If you are wronged, you must punish the wrongdoer.
-Honour, pride, and patriotism must be built to give men something to fight and die for.
-If you have nothing to fight for, you have nothing to live for

Domains: War, Law, Glory
Classes commonly associated: Fighter, Barbarian, Paladin


Lawful Good
By all accounts Maruvi and Kore should have gotten along well, but their differences in opinion on gender led them to petty quarrels and ultimately to constant bickering over the right kinds of honor and glory one should seek. Maruvi’s teachings are very similar to Kore’s but with hints of mercy spattered throughout. Chapels of Maruvi advertise her as a champion of tolerance and freedom for all races and genders. According toMaruvi, the undead are an abomination of the beauty of life and should be eliminated when encountered. Maruvi’s likeness is often depicted as a curly, blonde-haired woman standing atop a war-torn hill in dragon mail armor and carrying a banner of all colors in one hand. Her longsword gleams with the fire of the sun in her other hand.
-Wrongdoers must be shown the way to atonement.
-Daily toil brings honor to every creature striving to survive.
-There is always something in your life worth fighting for.

Domains: Strength, Sun, Glory
Classes commonly associated: Fighter, Barbarian, Paladin


Wiltiln is the god of knowledge and the arcane. He devoted his life to studying while Maruvi and Kore bickered. Wiltiln is the god who sits uncomfortably and irritated in the corner while his friends have an argument. If they would just shut up and let him read! Followers of Wiltiln are bookworms and introverts, however much of the industry in Balgrum is due to the studious devout of Wiltiln’s Order. Wiltiln is a master of magic and azoth manipulation. His close work with Ocizemlja produces legendary constructs that are said to guard the secrets of the deities. Wiltiln appears as an aged man in tattered clothing and a walking cane.
-knowledge is power
-any ancient thing is a wealth of information on the past, present, and possible future, so examine it thoroughly
-knowledge and magic are to be used to advance the lives of every person

Domains: Knowledge, Protection, Magic
Classes commonly associated: Wizard, Paladin, Cleric

Phantom, Prizrak, Spoks, Fantasme, Momok, Brisruk, Gespenst

After myths of each plane’s pantheon came together in Balgrum, a common link was seen between these gods, and theologians now believe them all to be different titles of the same deity. The Phantom, they say, has always walked all planes, guiding the souls of the dead to their next world. He sees undead as a manipulation of an empty husk, rather than interference in his work, so he does not concern himself with the petty squabbles ofDavkas and Maruvi. According to legend, Phantom is also the oldest of all the gods, and appears to those who worship him as they lie on their deathbeds to comfort their passing. His likeness is usually described by the jumbled words of the near-dead as a decrepit, bearded, but jolly old farmer who strangely resembles their grandfather, whether they’ve ever known or liked their relatives or not.
-Do not work too hard, it won’t save you from the inevitable, but value those around you for sharing the burden of your life.
-Be at peace.

Domains: Death, Repose, Community
Classes commonly associated: Cleric, Monk, Druid

Gods of Elemental Harmony

The elemental gods are all very familiar with each other and get along rather well, as they know their boundaries and respect them. Ocizemlja is the oldest, and mainly keeps to himself, while the other three have frequent dealings and regard the Earth god as an Old Man who they sometimes visit. It is, however, that powerful old man that often has to intervene when the pranks or the desire for liberation of the other three become too destructive.


The Elemental goddess of air, Loraora is a growing symbol of freedom. She advocates peace of mind and her teachings focus much on finding inner peace through reflection. Any shackles that bind the body also bind the mind, and Loraora asks that her followers cast away self-doubt, fear, and other emotions that bind the mind. She and Azrac get along very well, but she never joins in Azrac’s mad schemes to throw down order. Their ideals differ in that Loraora Loraora appears as a large, radiant phoenix with piercing eyes of pure white light.
-A clear mind is a free soul
-Let no doubt hinder your work for the greater good

Domains: Air, Void, Liberation
Classes commonly associated: Monk, Bard, Ranger


Chaotic Good
Azrac is the elemental god of fire. Whereas Loraora advocates removing shackles of the mind, Azrac always urges his followers to burn away the chains of tangible oppression. He deeply dislike’s Kore’s manipulation of the masses and sometimes teams up with Davkas to pull pranks on the Great Destructor. In the middle of a winter famine, Azrac once healed the entire population of the largest city in Balgrum of the common cold, thereby inciting all the newly energized lower class citizens to demand food of the fat and feasting elite. Azrac also likes to prevent Kore’s soldiers from dying honorably in battle. If they are gravely injured, he’ll heal them just enough to save their lives, but will still leave them crippled for the rest of their lives. Azrac appears to mortals as a fire Jesatom with random bodily designs to avoid identification, but when he consorts with the other deities he takes on the form of ball lightning and flits about.
- Throw off the shackles that bind, only you can decide what is truly right
- Death is a law of nature, and as a bad law, it should be disagreed with
- Discretion is usually the better part of valor

Domains: Fire, Healing, Trickery, Liberation
Classes commonly associated: Cleric, Sorceror, Rogue


Chaotic Neutral
Ceroerris is the elemental goddess of water. She does as she sees fit, despite the cautionary words of her elder, Ocizemlja. Highly unpredictable, and often-times dangerous, Ceroerris tells her followers to fight for themselves. She values power, and the display thereof, and will seek out Sheelah in order to provoke her into one of her rages, (with which Ceroerris assists as much as possible). Despite her chaotic ways, she does not seek out fights, rather, she eliminates whatever or whoever doesn’t agree with her at any given time. It is her propensity for curiosity that brings followers to her chapels. Her desire to adventure out for a new life and explore new worlds entices many a young mortal to try her out for a few years in their developmental periods, though Ceroerris’ response to new things is more often than not to strike first and ask questions later. Ceroerris appears as a water Jesatom, and always with the same razorsharp fin flaring up off of her back and violent tattoos down her body. With the other gods she appears as a delicate water nymph to seem more humble.
- Do as you please, it’s your life to live.
- Power is the purest expression of life
- Discover new things. Stagnation will cause you to rot away.

Domains: Water, Destruction, Liberation
Classes commonly associated: Sorceror, Barbarian


Lawful Good
Ocizemlja is a master of constructs. He likes to spend his time in his home plane fashioning new “toys” out of different materials. His halls are lined with golems of all kinds, and his handiwork is the only thing the great dragons will accept to guard their treasure hoards while they venture into the world. Ocizelmja doesn’t mind sitting back and watching the other elemental gods flaunt their powers and freedoms. He finds it’s easier to focus when he works alone. Nevertheless he does sometimes work closely with Wiltiln whenever the god of magic stops by for a visit. Though Ocizemlja is much older, he respects the ambition and intelligence of the younger god. Ocizemlja appears as a mountain in the shape of a fat, yet jovial old man. In the houses of his followers you can find small statues of him sitting cross-legged and open-palmed.
- patience begets wisdom
- study begets wisdom
- strength is only wise when used to protect others

Domains: Earth, Artifice, Protection
Classes commonly associated: paladin, fighter, artificer

Shadowfellan Deities


If there’s one thing Kore and Maruvi can agree on, it’s that Davkas can’t be trusted. The two deities of Glory seem to always encounter trouble when dealing with Davkas, and have stopped trying to visit the shadowfell where Davkas reigns unchallenged. It’s usually due to Davkas’ assistance that Azrac’s pranks find fruition. Guards that would otherwise stand post in certain areas disappear in the dark, only to return months later stripped of their possessions and driven half mad. Davkas insists that it’s not his fault there are still unstable portals to the shadowfell that will randomly engulf individuals, and he further insists that he can’t guarantee the safety of everyone that falls prey to the dangers of the shadowfell. The undead are also a large asset to Davkas. He sees them as disposable pawns and an acceptable use of the power available to those willing to study it. Devilishly clever, Davkas manifests as a dark-skinned Ombrano wearing a blank, grey mask and carrying a tome in one hand.
- Never do the work a fool could do for you
- Discretion is always the better part of valor
- Magic is the path to power

Domains: Darkness, Rune
Classes commonly associated: Wizard, Cleric, Rogue


see Phantom. Those of the shadowfell view Prizrack as blinding white light in the form of a man that steps into your body as you die and purifies your soul so that it can leave your mortal body and head toward oblivion.


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