The Jesatom (pronounced Je – sa – tome) are humanoids from the various elemental planes. Legends state that their ancestors fled to these planes, following some massive purge on their native plane. Generations of exposure to these planes infused them with the power of the elements, becoming “jedan sa svetom” (one with the elements), or jesatom. Nearly 400 years ago when the rifts in the boundaries between planes stabilized they made their way to Balgrum and started to carve out an existence here for themselves.

Physical Description
Each Jesatom exhibits one of four different manifestations: vatra (fire), voda (water), vetar (air), and zemlja (earth); which one a Jesatom is usually depends on what their parents were, but in some cases Jesatom have managed to shift between manifestations. Each member stands slightly taller and wider than humans at around 5’9” to 6’3” for males and 5’7” to 6’1” for females with their bodies covered in line patterns called szuldar. Szuldar patterns range between simple and complex designs with patterns of blood relatives looking similar. Depending on their heritage each member’s eyes have iris colors of vibrant brown, green, blue, orange, violet, or silver with black corneas and skin tones that vary between light and dark shades of golden beige or bronze with hair color of Jesatom tends to be shades of white, silver or grey. Jesatom possess a lifespan comparable with humans, reaching 75 years on average barring accident or violence, with some managing to reach the old age of 100.

Jesatom are, by nature, changeable and contradictory, so that most generalizations are hard to justify. Though, it is fair to say that the psychology of any jesatom depends more on the manifestation of the individual than anything else. However, one trait found commonly amongst all jesatom is their strong sense of ambition. All jesatom have a desire to better themselves and advance their status, either through pursuit of power, the acquisition of friends, accruing great knowledge, or other means. Nearly all jesatom have dreams and aspirations and will purse these goals throughout their life, and though few jesatom are truly patient, so strong for these goals that they will often continue to follow them long after individuals of other races would have given up and moved on.

Jesatom have a strong ability to adapt, perhaps only superseded by humans in this regard, and embrace change as an inevitability or even something to be relished. Even lawful jesatom embrace this change, and jesatom of all kinds value the possibilities the future may bring, such as new allies or new opportunities. In many ways, jesatom are the most flexible of races, less stubborn and more willing to accept new ideas for better or worse.

Though jesatom can be extremely passionate in a way that might seem violent the race as a whole has a love for family and friends, to the point that few jesatom marriages end in divorce. Most families are immensely large and jesatome as a whole look upon every genasi as a potential relative to the point of referring to those they meet as “brother”, “sister”, or “cousin”.

Jesatom society is relatively small compared to other races, yet highly dynamic. They tend to settle near rifts that connect to a specific elemental plane, or display characteristics of their home plane; often to an extent where no other race would consider such a settlement. Alternatively their nature allows them to fit into nearly any other society with little worry. It is rare to find a Jesatom holding the same position for more than a few years, and in extreme cases months. One rises and falls in society based on merit and ambition, and eventually must find something to prove one’s self. Because of this Jesatom settlements know few paupers and very few poor folk. The idea of nobility and royalty are foreign concepts to the jesatom as position can be undone in mere moments. The downside to all this, is that the jesatom live for the day and seldom plan very far into the future: they only know it will be different and embrace that change, whatever it may be. Due to this wild and competitive nature jesatom love competitive sports that focus on the individual, feats of strength, tests of arms, and in some cases, gladiatorial combat. There is very little gender restraints on jesatom, the main one being that any two who join in union are versed in different expertise yet this can change depending on the society the pair are living in. Jesatom art is wild and exciting, similar to the race itself. Jesatom prefer elaborate and bold designs, using bright and vibrant colors to express the wide range of emotions they feel. Sculptures are often explosive in appearance, resembling surges of power more than anything else. Even for relatively simple or functional items the jesatom pour care into giving it a flamboyant appearance, marking it with swirling patterns, gemstones, or elaborate carvings. Furthermore, many tools and consumer goods tend to be more personal. Whereas another master craftsman might make a weapon of great quality, a jesatom craftsman prefers to tailor make every item to the need of the customer.

Due to their ever-changing society and often extreme personalities, jesatom who are not around different races are often confused by how static they are. It is often hard for the Jesatom to befriend other races as they are ever changing their focus and goals and sometimes simply too busy lauding their own accomplishments. However, they don’t bear any animosity towards any race as a whole, and get along quite well with humans and ombrano, and at best view the straesy as a bit too mischievous for their own good.

Alignment and Religion
As should come to no surprise, most jesatom embrace the chaotic nature of their existence, yet even those who embrace lawfulness still see the usefulness of change. Therefore most tend to lean to the chaotic alignments with large minorities of jesatom seeing themselves as true neutral and living versions of the world itself.
Jesatom usually worship whichever deity represents the elemental domain that they most closely identify with: Azrac (fire), Ceroerris (water), Loraora (Air), and Ocizemlja (Earth). Those who embrace all elements equally favor Sheelah and her view of an everchanging world. Jesatom warriors prefer Maruvi over Kore’s inflexibility.

Jesatom adventurers tend to choose any and all classes, with a heavy emphasis on fighters, wizards and magus. Most take up to adventuring as yet another way to prove themselves, however those who stay with it tend to keep with the lifestyle as it goes well with the ideals of jesatom culture.

Jesatom Racial Traits:

  • +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma: Jesatom are stronger and smarter than their human counterparts but are inherently strange and unstable.
  • Native Outsiders: Jesatom are outsiders with the native subtype.
  • Medium: Jesatom are medium creatures and receive no bonus or penalties due to size.
  • Normal Speed: Jesatom have a base speed of 30 ft. per round.
  • Darkvision: Jesatom can see in the dark for up to 30 ft.
  • Skill Training: Jesatom gain a +2 racial bonus on all Survival and Spellcraft checks.
    Elemental Resistance: Jesatoms gain resist 5 to a specific energy type depending on their manifestation: acid (earth), cold (water), electricity (air), fire (fire).
    Unique Composition: Jesatoms gain a +2 racial bonus against certain effectsdepending on their manifestation: Fear (fire), Enchantments (water), Illusions (air), Poisons and Disease (earth)
  • Elemental Affinity: Jesatoms are treated as being 1 level higher when casting spells with an elemental descriptor, an elemental domain, elemental bloodline powers, and revelations of the oracle’s flame, wind, waves, or stone mysteries. Jesatoms only receive bonuses on the specific spells and powers that correspond to their current manifestation; this ability does not stack with the jesatom’s spell-like abilities, nor does it grant early access to any new powers or spells. Alternatively, once per day a jesatom may channel their elemental prowess to any held or natural weapon as a swift action. By doing this they add 1d6 fire, cold, electrical, or acid damage to their damage rolls. This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to their character level and does not stack with similar damage types.
    Languages: Jesatoms starts knowing Jezik (Serbian) and one of the following: Oma, Cyrt, Common, Bura, or Xian


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