Nexxus Towers

Originally invented during the peak reign of the Kingdom of Fadorae as a way of channeling magic over long distances, centuries of refinement have turned it into the backbone of modern civilization. Nexxus towers transform the magical essences of the environment around them into massive quantities of azoth. Any settlement that produces magical items, even just locally, requires at least one nexxus tower, and cities that export azoth usually have around six or more towers. The amount of azoth a tower can produce depends on various factors, however a some of the main factors are location of the site, and the geometric planning put into the architecture surrounding the tower. Constructing buildings, streets, plazas, and other landmarks in just the right configuration can enhance or disperse the flow of energy being collected. Many cities have done extensive reconstructive projects to better allow the flow of energies to the tower in efforts to become more profitiable. Living in the shadow of a nexxus tower, has become an accepted part of living in cities, yet with the taxation rate proportionally smaller than that of other settlement settlements it, no one seems to mind too much.

The second use of the towers, which was actually the primary use when they were originally invented, is there use in warfare, especially in defensive combat. With the right rituals, is it possible for an arcane spell caster to turn the tower into an extension of themselves, allowing to enhance their abilities vastly. Furthermore, it grants an increased line of sight that allows them to cast at any point on the tower. Other rituals will allow the spell caster to “link” to other towers, and use them as points of origin for spell casting. Because of this, many cities will erect towers at strategic points within the city walls so that if need be a group of arcane spell casters hold up in a tower can easily decimate an opposing army. Thus, any aggressor attempting to take the city will first have to disable or capture all of the city’s towers prior to a siege.


Physically, a nexxus tower is the tallest building in a city, or at least the district, usually by a good 50 meters. Numerous etherium protrusions, ranging from complex to simplistic, line the exterior in various patterns to channel and focus the in flowing energies. Windows are usually small or absent on many floors, and any exterior entrances are heavily fortified with a multitude of traps to slow down unwanted guests. The interior of a Nexxus tower vary from region to region and company to company, but most resemble a large cathedral design for the lower levels with a central pillar; the upper levels are always restricted to nonessential personal as the exact science of azoth production is heavily guarded. Most towers are constantly provisioned to survive a siege of at least a week, sometimes months.

Nexxus Towers

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