The Omios Society

A group of people who have been wronged by magic, they have dedicated their existence to bringing the end of magic and its use in all forms of society. Magic is seen as an abomination, a unnatural force that has corrupted the minds of all races. They mostly roam on the fringes of society, usually only gaining members after some greif striken family loses a loved one to a factory mishap. It is widely known that they operate out of the various dead zones, using the fact that many governments aren’t willing to invest the time and manpower required to weed them out. They often employ various alchemists and wizards to craft anti magic devices for more aggressive movements.

The Ilias Consortium

Scholars interested in the history of the world, they are geologists and archaeologists of Ilias. They are the reason that the world knows so much about the Precursor civilization and the Rifts.

Council of the Skyward Eye

Order of the Blue Rose

The Silver Tails

The Silvered Wheel

Numenero Arcana

Concilium del Stellis


The Machinations of Balgrum dimitri274