The straesy (pronounced Stra – E – see) are denizens of the Feywilds: a vibrant, primal, reflection of the material plane that came into contact with Balgrum thousands of years ago. They were once part of the Priroda Sidhe, a powerful fey court that exemplified animals and primal nature, led by Volk-Serdtse, the Starshiy. However the Starshiy’s untimely death tipped the scales of power between the various fey courts, forcing many straesy to flee. Eventually, some made it to Balgrum where they decided to make it their new home. Here they have taken up a nomadic lifestyle roaming the lands, only stopping for supplies and shelter. Though they might never return to their homelands, the straesy never truly abandoned their love of it, and many seek shelter in environments that reflect the primal beauty of the Feywilds.

Physical Description
Having an alluring, but primal air about them, straesy tower over the average human, standing at around 6’10” to 7’2”for males and females. They have slightly longer proportioned arms and legs, and a thinner frame compared to humans. Their eyes are larger and almond shaped with vertical retinas, and iris colors that display a variety of colors as vibrant as the colors of nature, and a slightly larger mouth, flat nose, and elongated ears. Another physical difference is that straesy have reversed jointed legs, similar to the back legs of many mammals, and large four toed feet with elongated nails. Straesy reach adulthood in their late 30s and live to be around 200 to 250 years old.

Depending on where they live, straesy can also display other characteristics. In most temperate and warm environments they display short fur covering most of their bodies, and occasionally horns. In hotter climates they have reptilian scales and a forked tongue, and in high altitude, rocky terrain they display avian feathers. However, these differences in appearance do not grant them any benefits and appear to be cosmetic only.

The straesy are primal in both mind and body exhibiting animalistic behaviors. The pack mentality dominates the minds of straesy and they will organize themselves based on experience. This trait is seen regardless of what races are in their “pack”, therefore they tend to be more reserved around those they see as better than themselves, and aggressive around those who are they consider lesser. Despite this straesy are very communal and will try to form bonds with everyone in their pack, even if they may grate on some’s nerves.

While physically weaker than others, straesy are flexible in both mind and body. Inquisitiveness is the driving factors for many young straesy; they wish to learn more and many see the only way to accomplish this is through experiencing it, rather than reading about it. This has led many to believe that they are a bit reckless and mischievous but it does not come from malice and most straesy will try to make amends if they feel if they have unjustly wronged someone.

Straesy are mainly a nomadic peoples wandering the land on various animal and machine driven vehicles. These caravans, known as Doma, range in size depending on the number of clans in the doma and the leaders’ ability to govern. There are Doma that choose to quit the nomadic lifestyle, choosing places that seem connected to the Feywilds, with buildings constructed in tandem with nature. Straesy society has a hierarchy based on age: the elders form a council while the younger members take care of food, income, and security. However, one or all of the elders can be challenged based on two criteria; first: one or more decisions that have been made lead to the community being worse off, and second: the challengers must have at least one-third of the community on their side. These challenges range depending on what the challenger believes they have the best chance of winning. While the straesy have gender roles, they tend to be more relaxed, with most communities are actually ruled more by women than men. Family life for straesy is complicated compared to other races. While there is a bond formed between a mated pair, the women will isolate themselves from the outside world when raising younglings, usually with other females that are also raising their young. This is one of the few times their caravans will stop for something other than supplies. During this time the men and available women with secure the surrounding area, collect supplies needed for the Doma, and assist the nursing women. Straesy craftsman believe that a tools, structures, and art require equal parts function and form, and each craftsman will add their own personal flair to any piece they create. This leads to some confusion to any not familiar to straesy craft, as they believe they have been given a piece of high art instead of the actual tool.

Straesy are fascinated by the other races and do not hide this fact. However, this can quickly change for the worse and leading to poor relations with the other races on a general basis. They see humans as the most interesting and most relatable of the races. The jesatom are seen as too restless, and the ombrano too uptight; to which they have endless fun provoking.

Alignment and Religion
Despite what many would assume, most straesy are neutral as they see themselves as a reflection of nature.

Straesy are relatively equally likely to follow Coratis and Sheelah, while some will worship the elemental gods. They avoid Kore, Maruvi, and Ocizemlja for their lawful ways. Many Straesy are also godless, or ironically worship the Phantom.

Most straesy adventures are younglings who have decided they no longer have a place in their community and decide to strike it out on their own. The straesy are the progenitors of the druid class and many still take up that mantle, however many also choose the monk lifestyle or a ranger.

Straesy Racial Traits:

  • +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution: Straesy are swift and insightful, but are physically fragile
  • Fey: Straesy are creatures of the Feywilds.
  • Medium: Straesy are medium creatures and receive no bonus or penalty based on size.
  • Normal Speed: Straesy have a base speed of 30 ft. per round.
  • Spell Resistance: Straesy possess spell resistance (SR) equal to 6 + their character level.
  • Skill Training: Straesy gain a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Acrobatics checks.
  • Fleet-footed: Straesy receive Run as a bonus feat and have a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks.
  • Spell-like Abilities (Su): Straesy can cast Charm Animal and Charm Person once each per day, using their character level at the caster level. The DC for each of these spell are equal to 10 + half their character level + their Wisdom modifier.
  • Low-light Vision: Straesy can see twice as far as a race with normal vision in conditions of dim light.
  • Language: Straesy start by knowing Cyrt (Russian) and one of the following: Oma, Jezik, Common, Bura, or Xian


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