The Machinations of Balgrum

The Horrors of Carrion Hill

With Claire now in charge of her father’s business, her first job for the group is to head down to Carrion Hill. It appears that the late Robert was investing into new methods of producing etherium. The only other information she can provide is to talk to Haggerty, the mayor of Carrion Hill, and look for a Rupman Myre, who should be in charge of the facilities in question. Upon arriving at Carrion Hill however, the group quickly discover that the town has been besieged by some unknown horror. At least four people were killed in one night by something with enough strength to burst through a 10ft. stone wall. Haggerty gives them they information they need about Rupman and the town, along with a reward if they should unearth anything about what attack the residences. Since the site is on the way to “Rupman’s Vats” they decide to investigate. The site is truly grizzly the blood, mud, and debris every where. Whatever attacked these poor souls did so indiscriminately and with immense strength; any hope of discerning anything more than physical evidence from the bodies is impossible, so the group decides to investigate inside the house. In the basement, the party finds a passage that leads into a massive ruined temple. After dealing with an errant ghoul, they find a small campsite with a lone journal. The events detailed in the journal reveal that a summoning gone wrong has occurred here unleashing some unknown horror from beyond our realm and that it’s essence is now tied with the group that summoned it. In addition they find that Myre is one of the people in the group. When the group arrives Rupman’s Vats they find the front door locked and no one answering. The interior of Rupman’s Vats is a choking hot mess with the entire process exposed to the floors above and manned by the undead. Rupman rouses quite loudly as he hears the group attacking his workers and attacks out of shear fear that the party is the creature come for him. After defeating him the group decides to spare his life so long as he helps them. The next person the party decides to investigate is Crove, the warden of the local asylum, and also the head of their little group. When the party arrives the asylum is on high alert, with guards and inmates coming after the group. In the basement, behind a secret passageway, the group finds Crove, who quickly incapacitates two of the group and runs. As they pursue him, they find another surprise hidden by Crove: a chaos beast, which he releases on the remaining group. After defeating both the chaos beast and Crove, they attempt to interrogate him only to have him disappear when he regains consciousness. While the group searches for Crove, he manages to catch Keela off guard, and nearly kills her only to have the rest of the group turn the tide of the fight and kill Crove. With Crove dead, the only remaining member of the group is Hyve, a trader of mysterious cocktails, however the group is quickly informed that something has attacked the building that Hyve operates out of. Arriving at the scene, it is readily apparent that the creature has attacked this place, and the party follows the trail hoping to find it and Hyve in one piece. In the caverns below the building the remains of Hyve are scattered about, with his blood faintly outlining a massive monstrosity. The ensuing fight is brief, but brutal with the creature ultimately falling to Aelyn’s hands. With the creature dead the group hands over Krove to the local authorities and shuts down his operation before returning to Greydawn.

A Death in the Family

The Duke safely behind bars awaiting trial, the group took a well deserved break. However their break was cut short after learning from Robert’s daughter, Claire, that her father might be in danger. The group tracked down the eatery where Robert had said he was meeting some businessmen to discuss expanding his business to other locations in Southern Vaserde, but when the party arrived they discovered that a hostage situation had broken out. The businessmen turned out to be assassins from the Blue Rose in disguise, and had decided to use the other patrons at the eatery as a barrier once they learned the group was on to them. Fortunately, the group was able to deal with the situation, and dispatch the assassins, but despite their best efforts, could not prevent Robert from being poisoned. As his dying wish, he asked the group to accompany him to the southern Nexxus tower, and with their help he made it to the peak of the tower where with his dying breath he converted his body to azoth. After telling Claire the news, the party went to interrogate the Duke, as he was the only living member of the Blue Rose they knew of in Greydawn, however they discovered him dead in his cell, with the murders lying in wait for the party. The group easily defeated these assassins only to discover that it was none other than Jack, who they last saw on the trip to Belsay, where she decided to part with the group under mysterious circumstances. The Party interrogated him for a while until they realized that they hadn’t heard back from the Prison Guards. Leaving the isolation wing of the prison they discovered the guards murdered and more Blue Rose assassins lying in wait, during the confrontation, Jack managed to escape into the city. With Jack gone, Robert and the Duke dead, the party planned their next move with Claire.

Onwards to Duskforge

With the Blue rose driven out of Belsay for now, Robert agrees that this Duke character should be prosecuted for his crimes and sends the group to Duskforge. After arriving, the party discovers that Duskforge is in the middle of a political upheaval. Turns out that the Blue Rose operate semi-legally in Duskforge manipulating the nobility with various forms of espionage and wet-works. Furthermore the lower class work the etherium and steel mills in horrid conditions and have finally organized into a resistance movement. It was during their arrival that the group first encountered this resistance as they attacked a Blue Rose front. The group intervened and managed to capture a recruit of the Blue Rose. After learning as much as they could from the recruit, the group decided to infiltrate another front of the Blue Rose, however, things went south and the party ended up being captured. When they came to, they discovered that the Duke had decided to convert them into undead, however before the ritual could be completed the base that they were in was attacked by the resistance. The party managed to fight/ talk their way out and confront Duke, defeating him. With the help of one of the Resistance’s leaders they made their way out of Duskforge and back to Greydawn.

Beneath The Ocean

After thwarting the plans of corporate sabotage, Robert send the group as envoys to the town of Belsay, which is also the site of a major research facility. During the trip to Belsay, the group was attacked by water elementals, who surprisingly showed an immense amount of cunning and tact, possessing animals and striking just as the group docked at Belsay. Upon arriving, it was revealed that the town has been attack for a while now, but none of the attacks have warranted much of a response until recently. Going though the tunnels beneath Belsay, the group discovers that an agent of the Blue Rose is working with an intelligent water elemental to disrupt the research being done at Belsay. As the group attacks the agent, who they later find out is called The Duke, they discover the Blue rose infestation was more engrained then what was originally thought. The group’s investigation forcing the Blue Rose members to shut down all operations in Belsay and retreat. Taunting from Duke, as well as other information leads the party to follow him back to Duskforge.

Adventures In Greydawn

Shortly after arriving to the city of Greydawn, you were hired by Robert Johnson as a contractors. Your first job, to investigate who is sabotaging his business, Greydawn’s Cloth and Stuff. After discovering the culprit, a young ombrano male under the employ of Cloth and Stuff’s rival, Blues, Browns, and Grays, the party gathered all incriminating evidence, including the ombrano, and turned them over to the local authorities. The resulting fallout, caused the owner of Blues and Grays to personally call out Robert Johnson to face him; instead he was forced to retreat after the group defeated him and his bodyguards.


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